BE MORE BARD: Partnering

BE MORE BARD: Partnering


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DAY 1: We will begin this course with physical ensemble and chorus work to create an attitude of trust and play.  The scene partnerships will be made on Day 1 and together we will discover the clues in the text that tell us about the relationship, the situation, the needs and wants. Through physical, verse, rhythm and analytical exercises we will work together to unlock each of the scenes and share our work in a safe atmosphere.

Bring to class: A scene will be assigned to you prior to class. 

DAY 2: This session will be about getting the scenes on their feet and through exercises, that will encourage play and following your impulses, we will get to the meat of the scene. To stick with the ensemble feel other members of the class will be asked to join some of your scenes if appropriate. For actors to thrive they need to connect, experiment and play with fellow actors. This course is all about giving you the opportunity to do just that and build lots of confidence with Shakespeare.